19 November 2014

Saint Laurent F/W 2014 C

So this fall and winter I have been completely in the Sixties and Seventies mood. The Rolling Stones, Mamas and the Papas, and Jimi Hendrix have been on constant repeat and the Saint Laurent F/W campaign is forever on my mind. I thought I would spread the love around and show some of my favorite shots from the campaign. The outfits that are giving me the greatest chills. Plus, the new faces of Saint Laurent Men Dylan Brosnan and Jack Kilmer (yes, that is his dad).

Photo Album: Enjoy the Little Things

I greatly apologize for not being as active on Outsider as I should, but I am very exited for what's to come. I recently took up film photography through a class that I have enrolled in, and I am completely in love! I have built up a bit of a portfolio over the past few months so I feel it only natural to share the images with my fellow Outsiders.

 I call this collection Enjoy the Little Things. The images were taken around my house as I tried to find the quaint and simplistic beauty in the most ordinary things.