Autumn Breeze is the 18 year-old founder and author of Outsider Magazine and lives just outside of St. Louis, MO. At 15 years old, she created Outsider - a digital fashion, beauty, music, and creative platform - focusing on the latest trends, news, and inspirations. She also shares her personal inspirations and current obsessions. As a fan and loyal follower of all things artistic, Autumn strives to bring Outsider readers a fresh and concise perspective on each topic. One not given anywhere else.

Along with her work at Outsider, Autumn is also involved in art (including portrait drawing, painting, and calligraphy), styling, photography, film, activism, and creative writing. She is an alum from TEEN VOGUE's Fashion University, Class of 2015 as well as Jr. Fashion Contributor of Couturesque Magazine

The name of the blog, Outsider,  comes from my book-to-movie favorite The Outsiders

The greasers were misunderstood, but had each other. To me, being an Outsider - especially in fashion - is not a bad thing.  In fact, it couldn't be a greater strength. An Outsider isn't afraid to be herself (or himself). An Outsider doesn't care that they are out of the "in crowd". They have a ride-or-die crew that understands their taste in fashion, music, and culture. An Outsider plays by their own rules, laughs at themselves louder than anyone else, and shamelessly fangirls harder than an eleven year old 1D fan.

We are ourselves. We are one of a kind. We are an Outsider.  

Wearing: Either a black turtleneck and my favorite mom jeans, proudly looking like Steve Jobs, or in a vintage silk kimono and bell bottoms, my classic hippie garb.
Wishing: That I could just become Alexa Chung already (because subconsciously we all want to)..
Obsession: The 60s and 70s, Lucky Blue Smith, all things Gucci, Mick Jagger, coffee, and anything Kate Moss.
Listening to: the 1975, Coldplay, Sam Smith, Haim, Dave Clark 5, James Bay, and the Rolling Stones.
Working on: This fabulous blog and lots of unfinished business.

To contact Autumn about collaborations, press, ideas, or inquires, please email her at mail.outsidermag@gmail.com.

Stay Gold xx

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