23 April 2015

Character Study: Faye Dunaway in 'Eyes of Laura Mars'

In a new series for Ousider, we shine a lift on the style of some of our favorite fictional foxes. First up, Faye Dunaway as Laura Mars. 

22 April 2015

First Listen: Alabama Shakes

photo credit: Alabama Shakes/Facebook 

The fabulous Bama-proud band is back and fresh as ever with their sophomore album Sound & Color. Read on to get a first listen to the new LP. 

Shopping List: Season of Love

Season of Love

     The seventies vibe has taken over the summer. Everywhere from Coachella to New York the feeling is catching on. So turn on, tune in, and drop out because this summer is one of love.

21 April 2015

Character Study: Jennifer Lawrence in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

photo credits: X-Men: Days of Future Past; Marvel

As ass-kicking, appearance changing mutant Raven in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jennifer Lawrence kills that 1973 glam. (And gives major style envy!)

   The year: 1973. The problem: bad guy Peter Dinklage is out to end the mutant race and start World War III. Our favorite shape-shifter Raven (aka Mystique) is out to stop him, and looking fabulous doing it. 
Whether it be seducing a general, hopping on a one-way to D.C., or evading Charles Xavier she stuns in luxurious furs, rich suedes, and psychedelic patterns. The accessories (when she's wearing them, remember she's mostly naked and blue) perfectly complement with gold chokers, platform boots, and wide-brimmed hats. 
Her style is part sex-pot, part flower child. What can be unanimously agreed upon is that you do not want to get in her way.