15 October 2014

Masculinity vs. Femininity

credits: getty images, Alexander Wang/hm

Suits, baseball caps, and sneakers; one could easily mistake this for a typical boy’s wardrobe. But fashion is changing. We have been taking influence from the boys for decades. In the 20s, Coco Chanel rocked Breton stripes and suit pants while the other girls pranced around in the flapper dresses of the day. Katharine Hepburn made the three-piece suit her trademark in the 1930s and 40s, turning it into a sexy woman’s staple. Yves Saint Laurent created some of the best pantsuits for women and dressed the icons of the seventies, such as, Bianca Jagger, Laura Hutton, and Charlotte Rampling. Androgyny consumed fashion in the eighties and nineties. And now in fashion, the tomboy look is the top trend.