19 September 2014

Style Icon: Charlotte Rampling

         One of my favorite movies of all time is Georgie Girl - the 1966 black and white flick about a frumpy English girl with a mean-spirited, swinging roommate and her cheeky, handsome boyfriend. It has been since I was little, and for all that time I have been trying to imitate the style of that swinging roommate, Charlotte Rampling. Her style breathes classic sixties. She seemed to make her staples (the chambray button-down, crew neck knit jumper, and simple mini-dress) so sexy while maintaining that air of class. She helped pioneer the sexy-meets-tomboy pantsuit that Yves Saint Laurent made so famous. Her golden skin, chestnut locks, and subtle freckles make her seem like the girl next door. Her bedroom gaze said otherwise. Charlotte is someone all of us girls wish we could be (or is that just me?).

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