30 June 2015

Tuesday Track List: A Beginner’s Guide to EDM

photo: "Where Are U Now" video

Here’s how to baby-step your way into the electro beat.

22 June 2015

16 June 2015

Tuesday Track List: Ain't No One-Hit Wonder

Hozier; photo: Vanity Fair

With iTunes singles, radio rotations, and digital downloads controlling who and what is hot; it's easy to become "that one artist who sings that one song." This list of hit-makers show that they pack way more than one punch.

15 June 2015

Trending: Indio Summer

photo: racked.com

Coachella is the festival of the year. The only thing bigger than the music is the fabulous summer trends from our favorite festival natives. Take some summer-long inspiration from these desert angels.

13 June 2015

Model Behavior: Get Lucky

Seventeen year-old model phenom Lucky Blue Smith is taking the world by storm. Model, rock star, actor, and jet-setter—there is absolutely nothing he can’t do.