29 June 2015

Hottie of the Month: Kit Harrington

photo: GQ Magazine

Our beloved Jon Snow is hotter than hot.

If you watched the season five finale of Game of Thrones (I'm not going to give it away, don't worry, but watch it if you haven't! What in the name of De La Renta are you waiting for?), then you were sitting in a puddle of your own tears over this guy. But, please, pat away the mascara stains and turn your attention the most important matter at hand: the hunk of an actor that is Kit Harrington. Fans worship him as the beloved sword wielder Jon Snow, but have we taken the time to appreciate Kit, the man?   
photo: Courtesy Jimmy Choo

Not only is he the man of our favorite TV fantasy, but he looks oh-so-good in a suit (and with nothing at all, but..). He was one of the many dashing men to grace a fall fashion campaign, becoming the face of Jimmy Choo. He is also a regular cover boy for some of the biggest magazines, namely Wonderland, GQ, Out, etc. 

Brave and strong, he is the best piece of Night's Watch eye candy, and dare I say the cuter Stark? For those reasons, he is being crowned as our first-ever Hottie of the Month. Now enjoy..

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