24 June 2015

The Trend Pear Is Going To Be Your New Obsession

photos: The Trend Pear


Prepare to log in massive hours of scroll time.


Finding a really good personal style blog is a dime a dozen. They have to have that something. They have to have a fresh sense of style that is completely their own yet achievable to the reader. Danielle Bernstein of weworewhat has it, so does Leandra Medine, aka the Man Repeller, has it too.  Enter Max Hurd and Eleanor Calder, two friends that took their shared love of fashion and created the punny cool The Trend Pear.
The duo, who started out by posting their styish outings on Instagram (@eleanorj92 has two million followers and @maximilianhurd has 79.9 thousand), launched the site just recently and are already gaining traction. To them, friendship and fashion go hand-in-hand. “Friendship means different things to different people, for us, our friendship has always been based around fashion and style,” they say on their site. “The Trend Pear was born out of our love and respect for the fashion community…”
The two epitomize and display an English cool, taking the reader to some of their favorite London spots with each post. Their sense of style is for both the boys as much as the girls. Their goal is to become a genderless space where anyone can come seeking fashion inspiration.
With hopes to expand outward to lifestyle and fashion industry trends, they are going nowhere but up. So jump on over to thetrendpear.com, because you will definitely be seeing more of Max and Eleanor. AB

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