22 June 2015

Trending: Woodstock Revival

photo: Marcus Tondo

Turn on, tune in, and drop out of the basic summer looks. It's time to get a serious hit of hippie. 

     A late Sixties/ early Seventies vibe took over the summer runways. Tommy Hilfiger, Saint Laurent, Anna Sui, and Chloe all took inspiration from the free-love culture. 

photos: style.com; (left to right): Anna Sui, Chloe, and Tommy Hilfiger
Sui's silver see-throughs and loose scarves gave heavy reference to Rolling Stone babe Anita Pallenberg, while Chloe had a Stevie Nicks vibe.  Tommy and Saint Laurent turned their girls into female Jimi Hendrixes, making them true foxy ladies (sorry, it was right there). Inserting flowing dresses, fringe accents, and strappy sandals into your summer rotation will make you look like the three day festival of music and peace is just a shot away.
To set your hippie vibes in motion, listen to this mix of songs by artists who graced the Woodstock bill and those who would rock it if the festival happened today. AB

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