16 June 2015

Tuesday Track List: Ain't No One-Hit Wonder

Hozier; photo: Vanity Fair

With iTunes singles, radio rotations, and digital downloads controlling who and what is hot; it's easy to become "that one artist who sings that one song." This list of hit-makers show that they pack way more than one punch.

The radio can dilute everyone down. I mean, they make Hozier seem like the only place he wants to take you is to church, and the only thing Vance Joy can sing about are Michelle Phfeffer and riptides. Sam Smith goes so much deeper than "Stay With Me" and "Not the Only One". Walk the Moon does more than "Shut Up and Dance". Bastille has more than "Pompeii". Pharrell has more than "Happy". The 1975's only stunner isn't "Chocolate". So let's dive deeper into the true gems the radio waves won't play. 

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