27 March 2015

Photo Gallery: Portrait Portfolio

photo:@im_autumnbreeze; Autumn Breeze. Isaac Carew

Besides this blog, I also am an avid portrait artist. So here is a gallery of some of my favorite pieces. Take a scroll. 

Kate Moss IV

Autumn Breeze. 

Serge + Jane 

Autumn Breeze

Georgia May. 

Autumn Breeze


Autumn Breeze


Autumn Breeze


Autumn Breeze (THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVS) 

Isaac Carew II

Autumn Breeze

The Hadids. 

Autumn Breeze

Waterhouse II

If you like any of these, let me know! I have been debating about launching a Society6 page for a while, but a little fearful that no one would buy anything. If you think I should please comment back. 

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