31 March 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion University: Round-up - Before the U

Take a peek inside the three day event.

So this March I had the honor of attending Teen Vogue's 10th Annual Fashion University, a three day conference featuring some of the industry's heaviest hitters spilling all of their success secrets. 

In preparation for University, I obviously had to get my books. I poured over the March issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar (as well as the January issue of Vogue because, I mean, it's Sienna Miller. She's a goddess!). I also researched and studied some of the past work of the speakers I would be listening to ( I'll get to them in a bit!). I packed. I checked. And I double checked, then got on the first flight to New York City.  

I arrived in New York on a Wednesday, leaving me three days to roam the city and set my inner Carrie Bradshaw free. I visited all of the classic New York sights: Times Square, Lady Liberty, the 9/11 memorial, Strawberry Fields, and the outside of Taylor Swift's apartment. Okay, maybe not all the classics.. 

Check in tomorrow for day (well night) one of the Teen Vogue Fashion U at the EXPRESS Time Square Kickoff Party! 

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