14 August 2015

Style Icon: James Dean

This legend of the silver screen had a face you could never forget, and a style all his own.

photo: Phil Stern

James Dean had an energy that was like no other. He seemed ahead of his time, unlike anyone else in 50s Hollywood. A true artist James immersed himself in his acting, as well as his other outlets of photography, sculpting, poetry, and speed racing. The Indiana-native had style evoked his ease, seriousness, and artistic mind. He pioneered the finger-combed hair long before any member of One Direction or Lucky Blue Smith. James had his signature thick framed glasses, which he hated wearing. His daily style consisted of knit sweaters, Brenton stripes, broken-in jeans, peacoats, and casual khakis - all matched with a cigarette and a longing gaze. 

He died at just 24 in a horrific car accident on September, 30 1955. He starred in only three major motion pictures: East of Eden, Rebel With A Cause, and Giant, all must sees. Yet, with all of this being said, he is a cinematic icon. He was nominated for an Academy Award for two of his three films, with Rebel and Giant both being released after his passing. He was an enigma that will forever remain in the hearts of me, and the rest of the world. AB


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