19 March 2015

Style Icon: Peggy Lipton

photo: LIFE magazine

    If you were to search "70s babe" in Webster's Dictionary, a photo of Peggy Lipton is what you would find.

She epitomized that natural, tan, all-American vibe that the seventies made so famous. The actress regularly stuck to the basics: classic tees, crisp denim, worn-in sneakers, and tight little sweaters. Her dreamy relationship with music Titan Quincy Jones created a ultra-envious couple (and mega cool girl Rashida Jones). Leaving no one to question why Jones fell for the freshed-faced beauty. Lipton trademarked and perfected the undone sandy hair, pairing her long locks with a eternal summer glow. With a seventies cool look invading the runways, everyone will be spending hours and hours seeking inspiration from the darling Peggy Lipton.

photos: Pinterest

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